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Welcome to Ufo social.

We are the worlds best pool of ufo knowledge world wide, we have some of the most well known experts in the field of ufos and alien contact on this network waiting to talk to you.

The members of Ufo social explore every aspect of the world of the ufo phenomenon and talk and chat abot all subjects in our bespoke forum and also on each members profile.

We have set up Ufo social in conjunction with "Experiencers" which is a group of people who investigate the theme of alien abductions ,and provide support to people who have been abducted by aliens.

My name is James ward (Admin), and i have created the ufo social network for the world, and i hope my network will give the world disclosure on the subject.

Please sign up and start enjoying the social network and making friends with thousands of people world wide.

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Have you ever been abducted

Have you ever seen a alien

Terms and conditions

The theme and design and the social network design and creation has been completed by James ward, The name Experiencers are trademarks are associated with Eric mitch and no material can be copied without the permission of the Experiencers group on subjects related to this group. No one can copy and distribute the ufos social logo without the permission from james ward, and if if caught you will be in court for breaking copyright laws, Please no mention to secret contact names within any government on any of our feeds, we ask this because of privacy laws and top secret projects, you may discuss existing projects that have been brought into the public eye via legal means.

Ufo social is a open social network like facebook and it will always be free to join and own a profile page.

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